Path of Stone

Interactive and informative entertaining path

This path will lead its visitors through the permanent expositions of our museum – mineralogy and precious stones exposition. It continuously gives the visitors new information at 12 green points about the formation of stones, deposits, mining methods, different crystal structures, physical properties and ways of testing the authenticity. It continues with ways of machining, grinding, polishing and designing a jewel and its challenging processing.

Visitors will have a worksheet to guide them through the Path of stone. The worksheet is not a standard didactic material – it is a colorful folding puzzle which the visitors fold step by step in the expositions. We will not reveal the name of the game to let the patient visitors be surprised and happy that they can take it home as a remembrance of the museum in Turnov. The worksheets are also unique for their ability to be used as a place for stamps, templates, perforation, frottage etc. – it is not only for writing information.

The entire path is created by our museum instructors and educators so the children (visitors) have the opportunity to work not only mentally, but also use the fine and gross motor skills. Individual activities are designed to be fun for both boys and girls who can become mineralogists, cutters or jewelers. The visitors have the opportunity to work with not only the copies of artefacts but also with originals on the path which can be worthful experience.

So bon voyage!