Historical exposition is devoted to cultural history of Turnov and its vicinity. It focuses on prominent persons and important historical events associated with the region.

At the beginning the visitors can see the Renaissance baptismal font from 1541 from St. Nicholas church, Turnov and late-Gothic St. Matthias statue.  We commemorate priest and linguist Fortunát Durych and Father Antonín Marek who was an important figure of Czech National Revival. The visitors can find information about many artists, musicians or writers who helped to shape the regional culture, such as musician Václav Holan Rovenský, writers Abigail Horáková and Lothar Suchý, graphic artist Karel Vlk or sculptor and glyptic Josef Drahoňovský.

Turnov contributed two prominent historians to the modern Czech humanities – Josef Pekař and Josef Vítězslav Šimák and philosopher Jan Patočka. The exposition also includes travelling experiences of searcher for gold and gemstones Čeněk Paclt and other adventurers from Turnov. Myslbek’s bust of knight Antonín Šlechta commemorates the founder of the favorite Sedmihorky Spa Resort which is connected to the beginning of tourism in the Bohemian Paradise.

The exposition is filled up with lots of historical documents, paintings and photographs of the town and its vicinity.