Muzeum Českého ráje v Turnově EN

Museum of The Bohemian Paradise

10 October

Welcome to The Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov, to the museum of precious stones and jewelery.

The Museum of Bohemian Paradise was founded in 1886 as a regional museum; however, since the 1930s, it has specialised in precious stones and their processing (stone-cutting),which is a typical craft throughout the region. Here you can find a geology and mineralogy exhibition that will take you to the colourful world of minerals; examples of cut and engraved stones will show you the technology of stone processing and you will also be able to see historical jewels, followed by those that were created at international jewellers´ symposia. The underground Treasury features an historic collection of jewels, collected over time by the Turnov School of Applied Arts.

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Muzeum Českého ráje v Turnově
Skálova 71, 511 01 Turnov